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Vikings Valhalla Season 1 Dvd

Vikings Valhalla
Vikings Valhalla

Season 1 Dvd



100 years after the deaths of Ragnar’s sons, many Vikings have settled in England and live peacefully in various places. One night, the English King Aethelred II begins the slaughter of Vikings in England, without discrimination against women or children. One year later, many Vikings are gathering at Kattegat and answer a call from Viking King Canute, to assault England and take revenge for their fallen Vikings. Meanwhile, a group of Vikings from Greenland is arriving at the same time, amongst them Freydís Eriksson who wants revenge on the man who raped her when she was younger, and her brother Leif who is a great warrior. Olaf Haraldsson is one of the most important leaders of the Vikings, a Christian, who along with his friend Gunnar Magnusson, have built the English defenses. But he doesn’t want to fight next to the Pagan Vikings. The right hand of the King, Prince Harald Sigurdsson manages to inspire and make Vikings from both sides fight together. Unfortunately, Freydis kills Gunnar inside the great hall of Kattegat, and she is waiting for her judgment.