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Van Helsing Season 5 Dvd

Van Helsing
Van Helsing

Season 5 Dvd



Jack is transferred to the past, by a portal that Vanessa has opened to Transylvania, in order to find the Dark One and destroy the path. A villager Florian, who is looking for his sister believes she is a witch, but when a vampire arrives, Jack proves that she is not, and she reveals to him what she can do. Jack soon discovers that the Sisterhood is there, and the wife of Count Dalibor, Olivia Von Dracula is the Dark One. Olivia has not yet become the Dark One, but her midwife is behind the Sisterhood and she has plans for her. Jack and Florian inform Count Dalibor about the vampires and the Sisterhood, but he refuses to believe them. In the present time, the consequences of Jack’s actions in the past have transferred to the present, where the Dark One as President is worried about them. Doc gives Axel and Julius new and improved vampire-killing bullets after her older pathogen has disastrous effects on humans and vampires. Also, Violet and Ivory continue their fight against the Dark One.