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Utopia Season 1 Dvd


Season 1 Dvd



A young woman and her boyfriend discover at her dead grandparent’s house a graphic novel, Utopia, which is the conclusion of Dystopia, a novel which had an impact when it was discovered in 2014 among the graphic novel community. It was about a young girl, Jessica Hyde, and a villain who forced her daddy to create horrible viruses, and their adventures, who some believe contains the truth about real-life viruses. The young couple wants to make money, so they plan to sell Utopia in Chicago, at Fringecon. A group of on-line friends about the book arrange to meet there to buy it, Sam, Becky, Ian, and Wilson. Unfortunately, Phil Carson manages to buy it, but a child, Grant, steals it from his hotel room, just before two men, Arby and Rod kill Phil, for the novel. Later, Arby and Rod kill everyone who has seen the novel at the hotel, except the four friends, who they cannot find them, but they have their names. Another girl searches for the novel, who claims to be the real Jessica Hyde.