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Uncharted Blu-ray (11mm)


Blu-ray (11mm)



Nate Drake is a capable thief who also works as a bartender in New York. He is approached by Victor Sullivan, a fortune hunter, who offers him the chance to join his quest to find and take the multi-billion dollars treasure of the Magellan expedition, which is lost for many centuries. Victor reveals to Nate that he has worked with his brother Sam, whom Nate hasn’t seen for 15 years. Their only communications are the postcards Sam has sent to Nate through the years. Nate and Sam have a lot of knowledge about this fortune, and Victor promises to help him find his brother. Nate accepts and along with Chloe Frazer, another fortune hunter who is working with Victor they begin their search. Their only obstacle is wealthy man Santiago Moncada, and his mercenary Braddock. Their first step is to steal a golden cross from an auction.