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Tokyo Vice Season 1 Dvd

Tokyo Vice
Tokyo Vice

Season 1 Dvd



In 1999 in Tokyo, Jake Adelstein a student from the University of Missouri, who has transferred to Sophia University and spent the last three years studying Japanese literature, earns through a writing test, to work for the best newspaper in Japan, Meicho Shimbun, the first one who is not Japanese, and become a crime reporter.As a foreigner, Jake accepts from many in the newspaper a behavior that shows him that he doesn’t belong there, but he is persistent to prove his worth. He is trying to investigate the stories he is assigned more than he is told, to find the truth, which will cause him trouble with his superiors. He will have to understand the way they want him to write articles, the way the police handles their cases, and what he can write about them. Jake starts to connect crimes with a loan company, as also does Hiroto Katagiri, a Detective, whose boss prevents him to investigate further some of his cases. Jake will meet Samantha in a club where she works with Yakuza clients, and another Detective, Jin Miyamoto, from whom Jake asks for advice about the Police.