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The Wilds Season 2 Dvd

The Wilds
The Wilds

Season 2 Dvd



On the island, Fatin, Dot, Martha, Shelby, Toni, Leah, and Rachel are trying to survive, and accept Nora’s loss. Rachel who has lost a hand to a shark attack feels responsible for Nora’s death. Most of the girls have decided to move their camp away from the beach and under the cover of the trees, while Martha is finding out about the affair between Shelby and Toni. Another experiment with boys now is beginning on an island, and in order to search the island, they are splitting into two teams. One boy DJ leaves the search and later is found dead by the rest of the boys from an attack by a possible animal. We also see the interview with one of the boys, Rafael, by Dean and Daniel, and later when he returns to his room Leah is there. We also see that DJ is alive, and Gretchen is his mother who faked his death.