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The Undoing Season 1 Dvd

The Undoing
The Undoing

Season 1 Dvd



Grace Fraser is a therapist who lives in New York City with her husband Jonathan, an oncologist, and their son Henry, who attends the expensive Reardon School. Grace and some of the other mothers of Reardon are preparing an auction event, and they meet the beautiful young mother Elena with her baby girl. Elena is a different woman, who has no problem revealing her naked body in front of Grace at their gym bathroom. During the auction event, Grace sees Elena crying in the bathroom and soon leaves the event in a bad mood. The next morning Jonathan travels to Cleveland for an oncology conference, while Elena hasn’t returned to her house. Miguel, her young son finds her murdered at her studio. Detectives Joe Mendoza and Paul O’ Rourke lead the investigation, while Grace is trying to call Jonathan but he doesn’t answer his phone. Later, she finds his phone in their bedroom, and when she calls his hotel, she can’t find him.