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The Terminal List Season 1 Dvd

The Terminal List
The Terminal List

Season 1 Dvd



Lieutenant Commander James Reece, is a US Navy SEAL former sniper, and now the Commander of Alpha Platoon, SEAL Team 7. Their latest mission is to capture Kahani a chemist who is back in Syria, and Reece’s team is looking for him for years. In order to infiltrate Kahani’s compound, a local trooper will accompany Alpha and will guide them inside the tunnels. Unfortunately, inside them were trip wires with land mines, and Alpha was attacked and trapped from all sides when they were inside the tunnels. Only two have managed to survive, Reece and Vickers, while 12 were killed. When the NAVY starts to question Reece he finds out that his memories of the op are different from what they tell him. Also, Vickers kills himself the same night he arrived at his home, something Reece doesn’t believe. He believes someone is changing things, while a doctor reveals to him that he may confuse about his own memories. But, when two men are trying to kill him, he escapes only to find out that his wife and his daughter have already been killed at his house.