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The Rookie Season 4 Blu-ray (11mm)

The Rookie
The Rookie

Season 4 Blu-ray (11mm)



John, Wade, Lucy, Tim, and Nyla are watching from the cameras that La Fiera’s men have killed Jackson and kidnapped Angela. La Fiera takes Angela to her new house in Guatemala, where she is waiting to give birth and take Angela’s baby as her own and threatens her to kill her if she tries anything. Wade and Wesley are trying to make DEA help them, but the politics are getting in the way. The only way is to go there and try to save her on their own. Wesley asks a criminal, Elijah, to find where Angela is in Guatemala exactly, in exchange for his future illegal services to him. John has a plan to use Max to get into the country undetected, while Wade and Lucy are hunting Jackson’s killer. John, Tim, and Nyla have 10 hours to find and save Angela before Max returns with the chopper, while Wesley arrives in Guatemala to make a deal with La Fiera as a diversion to help John’s plan.