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The Resident Season 5 Dvd

The Resident
The Resident

Season 5 Dvd



Devon and Leela are in love, and they are thinking of a move in together. Cain has left Chastain for John Hopkins, and Kit is doing a great job for the hospital. Multiple victims are arriving at Chastain after a car hit a charity 5K, where AJ was part of it. He is well but at the same time, Chastain is under attack by cybercriminals, who took control of most devices and want $5 million. Kit and Marshall wants the board to pay, in order to protect their patients, but they refuse, and they demand from them a solution or they will be fired. Conrad, AJ, Bell, Devon, Leela, and Ellie are trying to save their patients with the limited devices they can use, but some of them need surgery immediately, and they can not be transferred to another hospital.