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The Northman Blu-ray (14mm)

The Northman
The Northman

Blu-ray (14mm)



In AD 895, Viking King Aurvandill War-Raven returns to his kingdom hurt but is happy to see his son Prince Amleth, and his wife Queen Gudrun. The next morning after a spiritual ceremony to prepare Amleth for his future duties, Aurvandill is ambushed by his brother Fjolnir and his men and kills Aurvandill in order for Fjolnir to become king. Amleth manages to escape. Years later, Amleth has become a great warrior, who lives with other Vikings, and they attack villages and sell slaves. He learns that Fjolnir is living now in Iceland with his family, and he is waiting for slaves from them. Amleth decides to pretend to be one of the slaves in order to get close to him and have his revenge.