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The Morning Show Season 2 Dvd

The Morning Show
The Morning Show

Season 2 Dvd



After Hannah’s death, and Fred’s exposure to air, the network is ready to fire Cory, but Bradley saves his job. Months later, Alex has left UBA and writes her book, and Cory tries to put out the fires in the network and make changes that help UBA. The Morning Show with Bradley and Eric has a drop in the ratings, and Cory decides to move Eric to the evening news and to bring back Alex to the Morning Show. Cory’s first approach to Alex is unsuccessful, and during New Year’s Eve, Cory will have to inform Bradley about Eric’s move to the evening news, something she asked him for herself, but he declined. Before Cory manages to tell her, Eric reveals that to her first, which upsets her, and she feels betrayed by him, while Alex decides to accept the generous offer of Cory, and a future prime time show. Also, Hannah’s family sue the UBA for wrongful death.