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The Last Kingdom Season 5 Dvd

The Last Kingdom
The Last Kingdom

Season 5 Dvd



It’s been years since the last time Uhtred saw Brida, and many thought that she was dead. Unfortunately, she lived in Iceland, where she gathered an army and she is returning back to save her people. All this time the Kingdom has enjoyed peace, and Uhtred lives as Lord in Rumcofa and trains Aethelstan as a warrior. It is time for the Blood Month Festival, and an assassination attack on Aethelstan by Aelfweard’s men is stopped by Aethelstan himself. Aethelflaed arrives later to Rumcofa for the festival, and among her men are her daughter and her mother. In York, Sigtryggr rules with Uhtred’s daughter Stiorra, and he allows the Christians to pray, and live with the Danes, something his troubled brother Rognvaldr doesn’t like. During the celebrations at Rumcofa, Brida’s men assault Uhtred’s son, and later with Rognvaldr’s help, they take York and search for Uhtred’s daughter.