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The Last Kingdom Season 4 Dvd

The Last Kingdom
The Last Kingdom

Season 4 Dvd



While in Bebbanburg Aelfric has lost half of his soldiers after the latest Scots’ attack, Uhtred who enjoys Aethelflaed’s company in secret when he can, learns about his uncle's situation and believes it is time to exploit it and reclaim what it is his. He goes to Winchester to gather men from King Edward, but he refuses to give him any. As a result, Uhtred decides to try to conquer Bebbanburg with the only men he already has. Meanwhile, Haesten spreads false rumors that Cnut and his Danes are leaving from East Anglia to go to Irland to help a captive cousin. Aethelred gathers an army to conquer Cnut’s lands, while King Edward continues to build defenses around his kingdom. But the truth is Cnut and Brida are planning to attack Mercia, in order to force Edward to come to help Aethelred.