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The Last Kingdom Season 3 Dvd

The Last Kingdom
The Last Kingdom

Season 3 Dvd



A new Danish threat has arrived for Wessex and King Alfred, Earl Sigurd, and his army, who they call him Bloodhair and who along with his lover and seer Skade, they want to steal everything from Wessex after she has foreseen their win and the death of King Alfred. Haesten informs the King and Uhtred for the threat, and Uhtred suggests Alfred gather his army and fight him, and Alfred agrees. While Gisela is expecting Uhtred’s new son, Uhtred manages to capture Skade, and she puts a curse on him. Uhtred and Alfred whose health is getting worse, are waiting for Sigurd to arrive in Eashine, while Mercia’s army is coming to join them. Uhtred manages to lure Sigurd to a battle where Alfred’s army wins and Sigurd manages to escape alive. But when they return home to Winchester, Uhtred finds out from Hild that Gisela has given birth to his son but then she died.