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The Ice Road Blu-ray (14mm)

The Ice Road
The Ice Road

Blu-ray (14mm)



When an explosion at Katka’s diamond mine in Northern Manitoba traps 26 miners, the owners arrange a bold plan to transport by trucks the 30-ton gas wellhead they need in order to save the miners. in under 30 hours. With three weeks in April and the Ice Road closed this plan is almost impossible to achieve, but Jim Goldenrod who knows the families of those miners will accept to find the drivers. The first one is Tantoo, a driver who he worked with before and whose brother is one of the trapped miners. The second one will be Mike McCann and his brother and mechanic Gurty, an Iraq War veteran who suffers from PTSD and aphasia, and the reason Mike loses jobs in order to defend him. The third one is Jim himself. The plan is to take three identical trucks with the same cargo in order to assure their success. But as soon they reach the Ice Road, the problems begin.