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The Hot Zone Season 2 Dvd

The Hot Zone
The Hot Zone

Season 2 Dvd



In Washington in 1993, a Russian scientist confirmed an Anthrax exposure by accident 14 years ago from Compound 19 Of Biological Weapons Facility in Sverdlovsk, U.S.S.R. and the possibility of America’s enemies could buy it from Russia to use it against the United States. Three weeks after 9/11, CDC Headquarters and Officer Clemens is informed about an incident in Florida of a possible Anthrax attack. FBI Agent Matthew Ryker is also informed but his boss Ed Copak, refuses to send him there with a team. Matthew calls Dr. Simon Kurz from USAMRIID of Ft. Detrick in Maryland to take a look at some samples from Florida, which he assigns to Anthrax expert Bruce Edwards Ivins. Later it is confirmed, is Anthrax. Matthew is sent to Florida to investigate it, and the possibility of a connection with the 9/11 attacks, while CDC and Bruce are trying to find from where it began. Bruce feels someone is watching him, while Ed tells Matthew to take the case from CDC.