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The Good Doctor Season 5 Dvd

The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor

Season 5 Dvd



While Lea is trying to plan her perfect wedding with Shaun, Aaron is in a bad situation, because Debbie left him two months ago, and he hasn’t told anyone. Audrey receives a surprise visit from Mateo, who is no longer a fugitive in the U.S. and is offered a job in San Fransisco. A woman patient, Salen, is creating problems to Morgan, Asher, and Jordan, who try to find what is causing her shortness of breath, blurred vision, and headaches, but she is wandering all the time around the hospital, and she doesn’t follow their instructions. Shaun, Alex, and Audrey are treating a young boy with cancer, but unfortunately, they discover that his mother and his brother also have cancer. Marcus is changing girlfriends often, but he is not happy as much as he wants everyone else to believe. In the end, Mateo’s offer of a job is canceled, and while Audrey wants to offer him a job there, she learns that Salen, the patient, has bought the hospital.