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The Flight Attendant Season 2 Blu-ray (14mm)

The Flight Attendant
The Flight Attendant

Season 2 Blu-ray (14mm)



It’s been almost a year since Cassie quit drinking, attends the AA meetings, and is sober. She has moved to LA, dates a great guy, Marco, and remains a Flight Attendant. Also, she works for the CIA, to observe only those her handler Benjamin asks for her. Unfortunately, she does more than that, despite Benjamin's instructions. She has a flight to Berlin, where she must observe Will Kotov inside the hotel only. Cassie when she sees him at the bar of the hotel alone reaches him and starts the conversation. She follows him later to a place where he takes an envelope, and later from across his hotel room, she sees him having sex with a woman who looks like her, and have the same tattoo, who takes the envelope, and gives him a suitcase. Then she sees him entering a car and a bomb explodes. She feels dizzy and starts having hallucinations talking to the drinking version of herself. She has also observed that Will’s room was under surveillance. Later, her suitcase is missing from her room, and when she returns to LA the CIA asks her to not get involved anymore, and her suitcase returns with a bloody blonde wig inside it.