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The Endgame Season 1 Dvd

The Endgame
The Endgame

Season 1 Dvd



At Fort Totten in Queens, New York, US Attorney General Reed Doblin, FBI Director Rogelio Real, and Homeland Secretary Joan Bradbury have transferred Elena Federova, the leader of International Organization, SMT, Russian for Snow White, an arms trafficker with soldiers for hire, and they want to make a deal to reveal to them her contacts in Angola. What they don’t know is it was her plan to be there, while a series of bank heists are happening simultaneously from her people. FBI Agent Val Turner is the first one who has an idea of what she is capable of, and what she can do. She is a capable Agent whose ex-Federal Agent husband, Owen, is in prison for taking drug money, and wants to divorce her. Val figures out Elena’s next move and her boss asks her to go to meet Elena and talk to her. Soon, everyone discovers that Elena wants Val there and that she has a plan, while Val is learning that Elena framed Owen and that she wants something from her in order to give her the evidence to exonerate Owen.