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Tehran Season 1 Dvd


Season 1 Dvd



Flight 159 from Amman to New Delhi, is forced to land in Tehran after an engine problem, caused by the Mossad. in order to switch in Tehran airport a female Mossad agent and computer hacker, Tamar Rabinyan, with a female Iranian, Zhila, who works in Iran’s National Electric Company, who wants to leave the country in exchange for the company’s codes to the server farm. Because she denies to give them until they reach Delhi, Tamar will have to do it on her own. Her mission is to give control of the Iranian radar to Mossad for an air attack. Unfortunately, another Israel passenger who works in the same military base with Tamar, recognized her in the airport’s bathroom, after the switch, and she is forced to reveal that to the Head of Investigations of the Revolutionary Guards, Faraz Kamali. Soon, Faraz figures out about the switch, but the airplane has left for Delhi. Meanwhile, while Tamar was infiltrating the electric company's servers, she is interrupted, by Zhila’s boss.