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Superman And Lois Season 2 Dvd

Superman And Lois
Superman And Lois

Season 2 Dvd



It's been three months since John’s daughter, Natalie has arrived on Earth and saw Lois and thought she was her mother before John explains to her she isn’t, and all this time Lois' behavior is awkward, intense, something which causes a distance between her and her family. Meanwhile, Sam’s replacement, Lieutenant Anderson is trying to make Superman choose America first, something he never did or is willing to do, which creates problems, and forces Anderson to use his superheroes from DOD’s school to help and protect Americans instead of Superman. Sarah returns after one month from a camp, and even though Jordan is happy to see her, she seems distant, like something has changed for her. Natalie is having a difficult time adjusting to her new life, but Lois approaches her and welcomes her to her family. Also, a series of ground disturbances occur often in Smallville.