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Stranger Things Season 4 Dvd

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

Season 4 Dvd



In 1986, a few days before spring break, Eleven, Will, Jonathan, and Joyce are living now in California, where Eleven struggles to fit in with the other students, who is missing Mike, and the loss of her powers. But the arrival of Mike for spring break is something she is waiting for. Joyce receives a porcelain doll from Russia in the mail, with a hidden message about Hopper being alive. Meanwhile, in Hawkins, Max keeps herself isolated in school, has broke up with Lucas, keeps everyone away, and hasn’t overcome what has happened at the mall. Lucas is trying to balance his basketball duties and time with his friends, while a student Chrissy Cunningham, has vivid violent hallucinations, sees bad things happening in front of her, and an ugly creature gains control over her.