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Station 19 Season 5 Dvd

Station 19
Station 19

Season 5 Dvd



Maya leaves from her wedding party to go with Andy to the Fire Chief and defend what she did, in order to keep her job, but instead, they make things worse. Andy is transferred to Station 23, and Maya accepts to step down as Captain, pending completion of the investigation to avoid the entire Station 19 being reassigned to other Stations. Ten months later, Robert is an outcast in 19, while Andy is avoiding him, and remains disappointed about his actions. Dean never revealed his feeling to Victoria, and the new Captain of 19 Beckett, is not good at his job. He makes a mistake at the park, and a young man steals the 19’s Firetruck to help his friend, who is injured by a firework, which blew up at his face. As a result, the man who drove 19’s truck loses control and hits another car, closes the roads, and puts the truck on fire. The Aid car can not reach the injured man, because of the traffic jam, and Station 23 must put out the fire on 19’s truck before it will be too late. At the end of the shift, Andy reveals to Robert that she talked to a divorce lawyer.