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Station 19 Season 4 Dvd

Station 19
Station 19

Season 4 Dvd



Andy is devastated by learning that her mother is alive, and after she overcomes her shock, she listens to what she has to say to her. But because she doesn’t feel any regret for leaving her Andy leaves disappointed. Weeks later, and in the time of the Covid virus, Vic is looking for a place to stay, and Travis finally offers her to move in with him. During an operation in which Station 19 tries to contain a fire to some trees, and avoid its expansion to the entire forest, Robert, who works as a private firefighter, arrives to help them, by leaving his post. Meanwhile, Miller is asking Jack if he must allow Sasha to quarantine with him. Later, at Station 19 and through the internet, Andy and the fire department say their goodbyes to Captain Pruitt Herrera.