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Snowpiercer Season 2 Dvd


Season 2 Dvd



While Melanie is trying to break the link between Snowpiercer and Wilford's Big Apple, Wilford sends a girl, Alex, who gives a list of demands, or they will all freeze to death. Melanie manages to cut the link, and give some control to Snowpiercer, and also put a charge of explosives under Big Apple before both of the trains start to move together again. She enters Big Apple, and when she meets Wilford, she also sees Alex, her daughter, who is distant from her, and believes and follows Wilford completely. Layton and Ruth inform the passengers of what is happening and the Tail becomes a borderline, which they must defend. Layton organizes a plan to take over the Big Apple, and save Melanie, but his plan fails, and when Wilford tries to disconnect the trains, it triggers the explosives Melanie has put under his train, which ends up both trains to become one, and loses Wilford's leverage over the Snowpiercer.