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Snowpiercer Season 1 Dvd


Season 1 Dvd



In order to survive the freezing temperatures on Earth, Mr. Wilford has built a Great Ark Train, Snowpiercer, a 1,001 cars long, for the rich to live in luxury. But the survivors, the simple people, tried to enter the train without a ticket, and some of them managed to board in it before it started the endless journey around the Earth. Almost seven years later, the trespassed passengers of Snowpiercer live in poverty at the tail of the train, and they called themselves Tailies. Andre Layton is one of them, an ex-detective, who lives there with his son Miles, and he is a part of a group that plans to conquer and assume control of it. Melanie Cavill, a first-class passenger and the Voice of the Train removes Layton from his people and asks from him to solve a murder. At first, he refuses until she accepts his terms of rations and third-class immigration for the Tail. But when a failed attempt of the Tailies to conquer the train, will make Layton accept to solve the murder in order to save from the death of his Tailies friends. Also, Cavill is Mr. Wilford.