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Shooter Season 3 Dvd


Season 3 Dvd



Bob Lee tries to escape from Solotov but he fails, and because Solotov kills everyone who comes in his way, Bob Lee is forced to do what he wants in order to prevent him from killing more people. He is taking him where he buried the Atlas ledger, in a campsite where he and his father used to go. Meanwhile, Julie and Isaac try to find where Bob Lee and Solotov are going in order to save Bob Lee and Isaac to take the ledger. Nadine confronts Senator Hayes about his role in Atlas and with the help of Harris, they find out that someone else is the man who runs Atlas, and not the Senator. Nadine and Isaac are determined to find him and stop Atlas for good. Solotov also reveals to Bob Lee, that Atlas has interlinked with Bob Lee’s father since the beginning.