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SEAL Team Season 5 Dvd


Season 5 Dvd



It’s been three months since Clay and Stella got married, and they enjoyed their honeymoon, while Ray secretly from the team was treating his PTS. Only Jason knows it, while the rest of the team thinks he was studying languages. Jason and Bravo were training during this time, until the time to reunite again, which happens suddenly under secrecy. Bravo has to travel to North Korea to help Kwan Jon-Wi, a North Korean smuggler, with the defection of Jin Yong, the godfather of the North Korean weapons program. Jin’s wife defected 18 months ago, and she believes Jin also wants it. Bravo’s presence must remain secret, they must not intervene, shot anyone, or kill. Their job is to enter the power station, shut the power out, and allow Kwan to cross with Jin the electrified river to South Korea. Sonny is worried if Ray can be trusted as a teammate. Unfortunately, when Bravo is inside the station, Kwan is captured by the secret police, before she makes contact with Jin, and something wrong is happening inside the station, like sabotage.