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Resident Evil Welcome To Raccoon City Blu-ray (11mm)

Resident Evil Welcome To Raccoon City
Resident Evil Welcome To Raccoon City

Blu-ray (11mm)



On September 30 in 1998, Claire Redfield is returning back to Raccoon City after 5 years to see her brother Chris who is a police officer. This night is the last for the Umbrella Corporation, who is leaving this city because her experiments on humans are exposed and they are walking free on the roads of the city killing and transforming people into kind of violent zombies. Claire and her brother grew up in this city’s orphanage, before the head of the Umbrella Corporation Dr. William Birkin, gave her to a foster family. The reason she reurned is because a man told her about something dangerous is happening in the Umbrella, therefore she tries to warn her brother, but he doesn’t believe her. Soon, people are dying, and while the Umbrella closes the exits from the city, Claire, Chris, and his police friends and coworkers are trying to save their lives and find what is happening.