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Covers of our own design, for TV Series and Movies, in three dimensions, Dvd, Blu-ray 11mm, and Blu-ray 14mm.

Resident Alien Season 1 Blu-ray (11mm)

Resident Alien
Resident Alien

Season 1 Blu-ray (11mm)



Four months ago in Patience, Colorado an alien and his spaceship was crashed after an accident, and when he meets Harry Vanderspeigle at his remote cabin, he kills him and takes his form and place. He learns to speak English, and he is searching for his cargo which is covered with snow in order to complete his mission, to kill mankind. Now, the Mayor asks the Sheriff to bring Harry who is a doctor, to look at the dead body of the other doctor of the town Sam Hodges, who was found by his nurse Asta. Harry arrives for the first time in town with the sheriff, and he is worrying if he can convince them that he is human. Even though his behavior is a little awkward he manages to do what they ask him without any problems. From the beginning, he is convinced that the doctor killed himself, but the Mayor asks for an autopsy to be sure. Asta helps him, while Mayor’s son Max is the only one who can see his alien face which scares him. Later, Asta invites him for a drink in a bar, where he has a nice time and comes closer to Asta.