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Raised By Wolves Season 1 Dvd

Raised By Wolves
Raised By Wolves

Season 1 Dvd



Two androids, Father and Mother, arrive on a deserted planet, Kepler-22b, to raise twelve human embryos. Twelve years later, only one boy has survived, Campion. They are trying to stay away from the Mithraic the men who believe in religion, who won the war against those who are atheists. There is an Ark with the remaining survivors of the Earth who search for a new home. Father in order to help Mother who is in bad shape and Campion’s future, tries to connect with the Ark, but Mother kills him. Campion sends a signal, and Marcus and his soldiers arrive. There is a prophecy about a boy, and they think Campion may be him, but when the soldiers try to take him by force, Mother reveals her capabilities and kills almost every one of them, and attacks the Ark.