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New Amsterdam Season 4 Dvd

New Amsterdam
New Amsterdam

Season 4 Dvd



It was a beautiful night for Max and Helen, but in the morning she reveals to him that he will move back to London to be close to her mother, and the clinic where her mother is, offered her the medical director’s position. Max is happy for her and convinces her to try a long-distance relationship. Three weeks later, the New Amsterdam reopens with no Covid units, and Max is trying to find a replacement for Helen. Iggy is no longer sees patients, and Lauren welcomes the new residents, where one of them is Leyla, and reveals to them that she is also her girlfriend. A fire explosion occurs there, and the Fire Department reveals to Max that was arson. Max asks Iggy to make a psychological profile for the arsonist and Iggy asks for the help of a convicted arsonist. A second fire explosion occurs, and Floyd manages to protect and save Lyn from it. He reveals to her that it is difficult for him to be with her while working with her husband and that she or he should make a choice for them