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Morbius Blu-ray (11mm)


Blu-ray (11mm)



Dr. Michael Morbius is a famous scientist who is suffering from a rare blood disease since he was a young boy. He is known for creating synthetic blood, and along with his colleague Dr. Martine Bancroft, is trying to change his DNA by mixing it with a vampire bat, in order to heal himself, and others, like his oldest friend Lucien, who has the same disease as him. After a successful transfusion to a mouse, Michael tries it on him, on International waters on a ship. He succeeds, but the result is a temporary transformation into a fast lethal creature, who kills everyone on the ship after one of the mercenaries assaulted Martine. When he returns back to himself, he calls for help, and he finds out that he needs to drink blood often, to remain healthy. Also, the police are searching for the killer from the ship, while Lucien finds out about Michael’s cure and he wants it too.