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Moon Knight Season 1 Dvd

Moon Knight
Moon Knight

Season 1 Dvd



Steven Grant is a lonely man who works at a museum at the gift shop and has a sleeping disorder, which forces him to be chained by his foot during his sleep. Many times Steven loses time, days of his life, and dreams that he is in different places. Soon, he will discover that there is another persona of his, Marc Spector, who wears a white suit and has powers. This persona was given by Khonshu, an Egyptian moon god, who saved Marc’s life. Marc has a scarab, something Arthur Harrow wants, a cult leader working for Egyptian goddess Ammit, and wants the scarab to lead him to her tomb, and free her. He claims that Khonshu is a liar. Steven doesn’t want to give his control to Marc, believing he can protect himself against Harrow and his beast, but he will have to in order to protect himself and Marc’s wife Layla, who learns about Steven for the first time.