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Manifest Season 3 Blu-ray (11mm)


Season 3 Blu-ray (11mm)



It’s been three months, and Ben has traveled to Havana, Cuba, to find the San Antonio boat which Cal has drawn, and has something to do about flight 828. He, Cal, and Michaela share a calling about a woman from flight 828. While she and Zeke are on the honeymoon in Costa Rica, Ben finds the boat, and the fishermen reveal to him the tailfin of his plane of flight 828. When Ben touches it, it throws him away. Ben is there with Vance, but the local authorities intervene before they can bring it back to the U.S. Meanwhile, Michaela with the help of Cal, and Zeke, finds the woman from the calling, Angelina Meyer, and rescues her, and brings her to Ben’s house. Meanwhile, the daughter of Kathryn Fitz asks Jared to help her find her missing mother. Ben believes from the discovery of the tailfin, that the passengers of 828, have died, and they have been resurrected for a reason, a purpose, something Ben wants to find out.