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Magnum P.I. Season 4 Dvd

Magnum P.I.
Magnum P.I.

Season 4 Dvd



It’s been five months since Higgins went, and now is in Kenya helping doctors, while Magnum is free to take any case he wants. He has an affair with Detective Kaleo, something no one knows even her partner Katsumoto. Magnum has a meeting with a new client, Jenny Liu, at her house, but when he arrives there, her father tells him she is missing from the previous night. Magnum calls Higgins to find anything she can about her, while he is going to HPD to ask Katsumoto to trace her phone, which he does. He finds the last location was a rehab facility, a place she was volunteering and paid $5,000 to help someone. T.C. locates her car to a building where an illegal card game left everyone dead, except Jenny, who is missing. Meanwhile, in Kenya, a gang stole vaccines from Higgins’s doctors, and when she takes them back, an MI6 Agent calls her, Eve, and informs her in order to save the doctors from retaliation of her actions, she will have to return to Hawaii and work for her, which she does.