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La Revolution Season 1 Dvd

La Revolution
La Revolution

Season 1 Dvd



In 1787, in France, the brutal murder of 16-year-old Rebecca will be the beginning of a series of events that will change France and will have devastating consequences. In order to cover up the real murderer, a black slave, Oka is arrested as a cannibal for Rebecca’s murder, and he is planned to die for it. Joseph Guillotin is the prison's doctor, who observes and collects evidence from Rebecca’s body, and ends up to the conclusion that Oka is not her murderer. When he confides that to the proper authorities, someone tries to kill Oka. Joseph intervenes and saves him. Meanwhile, with the King absent, his daughter Countess Elise de Montargis tries to have a vital role in Versailles and to persuade her uncle to keep her younger sister Madeleine away from an asylum, after she has visioned Rebecca’s murder. Elise, who had a love affair with Joseph’s brother, which caused his death, is alive, while her uncle offers another poor girl to the murderer.