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La Brea Season 1 Dvd

La Brea
La Brea

Season 1 Dvd



While Eve Harris was driving her children, Izzy and Josh, to high school in Los Angeles, a sinkhole suddenly appears in front of them, near the La Brea Tar Pits Museum. All of them got out of the car and start running away from it, but only Izzy survive, Eve and Josh fall into it. Izzy’s father Gavin, a former Air Force pilot, was discharged two years ago of a medical condition because he sees things. When Izzy calls him, he goes there, and they see extinct birds flying out of the sinkhole. Later, his visions start again, from the same place, but with his wife and son in them. Meanwhile, Eve wakes up alone, but soon she finds all the people, vehicles, and part of the buildings that passed through the sinkhole. She finds Josh, and with the rest of the survivors are trying to find food, water, and shelter. This place seems, empty, quiet like they have traveled to the past. But they are not alone, and animals are attacking them. Dr. Sophia Nathan chief scientist of Homeland Security, and Senior Agent Adam Markman leads the La Brea investigation, and Gavin is trying to persuade them that there are probably survivors through the sinkhole.