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House Of The Dragon Season 1 Dvd

House Of The Dragon
House Of The Dragon

Season 1 Dvd



It’s been nine years since the beginning of King Viserys I Targaryen’s reign, and he has a daughter, Princess Rhaenyra, and a pregnant wife Aemma, who he believes will give birth to a son, his heir. Viserys has arranged a tournament to honor the birth of his heir, while his council, and particularly his Hand, Ser Otto Hightower will have to bring to him issues about his brother, Prince Daemon Targaryen, and his violent ways of performing his duties as the Commander of the City Watch. Also, Daemon believes he will inherit the Throne after his brother because no one believes a woman will rule from the Iron Throne. During the tournament, because of a problem with Aemma’s pregnancy, Viserys will choose to save his unborn child instead of his wife, but in the end, both will die. While Rhaenyra and Viserys are very hurt from their loss, the council is worried for Daemon and informs Viserys of the celebrations of his future reign, which makes Viserys name Rhaenyra as his heir, and asks Daemon to return to Runestone and his neglected wife.