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Helstrom Season 1 Dvd


Season 1 Dvd



Gabriella Rossetti is a highly recommended agent of the Vatican who was assigned to help Daimon Helstrom, an ethics professor who does exorcisms, even though he is not a priest, but has a lot of experience about evil, demons, and what they can do, something Gabriella is going to find out in a hard way. Daimon’s sister, Ana, is an antique dealer, who like her brother she has also powers. Because their father was a serial killer, and her mother is possessed by a demon, they don’t have the best relationship with each other. From the Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, a nurse releases two patients, kills a guard and they escape. Later, they go to a demonic tomb, which something possesses the nurse and consumes the others. Ana and her ally, the Caretaker, find the empty tomb, with a skeleton in it, and Ana asks him to bring it to her. She removes the skull where she sees a symbol, the same one as the one her Mother has drawn on her wall in her cell at Saint Teresa’s Center. Both, Daimon and Ana feels something is happening.