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Covers of our own design, for TV Series and Movies, in three dimensions, Dvd, Blu-ray 11mm, and Blu-ray 14mm.

Hawaii Five-O Season 10 Blu-ray (11mm)

Hawaii Five-O
Hawaii Five-O

Season 10 Blu-ray (11mm)



Two weeks after Jerry was shot, he is still in the hospital recovering from the gunshot. Tani and Junior are in opera when a man kills with a long-range rifle the head of the Triads, Billy Sato. Steve and Danny chase him, but he manages to escape. Adam finds out that two days ago, a woman was looking for the killer in a bar, and she left a phone number to call her if they see him. Steve and Danny trace the phone and find the woman, who is Sergeant Quinn Liu of Military Police. She identifies the killer as a veteran she has booked before, Tom Kendall, former Army Ranger. She also informs them that another veteran is missing. Soon, Tani and Junior will discover that there are more targets than Sato. While Quinn is helping Five-O, Jerry informs Steve and his friends that he will leave Five-O, and a man puts a bomb to Steve’s house.