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Godfather Of Harlem Season 2 Dvd

Godfather Of Harlem
Godfather Of Harlem

Season 2 Dvd



It’s been three months and Bumpy is being hunted by Gigante and the families with no success. In order to gain back his freedom, Bumpy kidnaps the right hand of the drug supplier of the families in order to arrange a meeting with his boss Jean Jehan. Jean brings the drugs from France, and Bumpy offers Jean to replace the families as the buyers with him and expand his business territory. Jean refuses, and Bumpy plans to steal the next shipment and exchange it to the families if they remove his kill order. Meanwhile, Malcolm X hopes to return to the temple after the period of his punishment ends, but Captain Henry tells him that the sexual allegations to Dear Holy Apostle may delay it. In order to help and prove his loyalty, Malcolm offers some defense suggestions in case they need it, but Captain relays them differently to the Apostle to hurt him. Stella is confined to her own room from her parents, while Erise helps her father and hears from him that Malcolm X has become too big for the temple.