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From Season 1 Dvd


Season 1 Dvd



In a small isolated town inside a forest. Sheriff Boyd Stevens informs its citizens that the light is leaving, and the dark is coming, in order to get inside their houses in time to be protected by the creatures of the night who arrives to kill them. Unfortunately, a young girl sees at her window a creature who looks like her dead grandmother, who is asking her to open it, and the result is in the morning, the Sheriff finds her and her mother brutally murdered. Jim Matthews, his wife, and their two children are traveling with an RV, but a fallen tree on the road makes them make a turn which leads them to this town. Boyd gives them instructions on how to get back to the main road, but he knows they will be trapped in the town like them. Every way of the road brings Jim back to the town, and to avoid a collision with another car, Jim crashes the RV outside the road. With the night closing, Boyd gathers men and the town’s doctor to help Jim’s family before it is too late.