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FBI Season 4 Dvd


Season 4 Dvd



Two beautiful women leave from a yacht party with rich men. The younger one, Julia Walcott takes a cab to return home, while the other, Nicole Wyatt, observes that a man is following her. She tries to avoid him, but he kills her. Maggie and OA soon find out that Julia is 15, and that Nicole probably was her pimp who offered her to rich people for money. Following the clues, they discover that a car from CW Solutions of Curt Williams was parked outside Nicole’s building. Kenny Crosby knows him and agrees to help Maggie and OA question him, but unfortunately, Curt runs from them and later shoots Kenny. Later, they discover that Nathan Tate, the 26th richest man in the U.S. has paid for three murders, one of them was Nicole. Julia calls her mother to meet her, but she is kidnapped in front of Maggie and OA, who couldn't prevent it.