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Covers of our own design, for TV Series and Movies, in three dimensions, Dvd, Blu-ray 11mm, and Blu-ray 14mm.

Evil Season 3 Dvd


Season 3 Dvd



Kristen is kissing David, but he stops her from having sex with her, and she leaves. Immediately she returns back and he can’t fight his desire and they are having sex. The next night Kristen returns back and they are sleeping together again until David will discover the following morning that Kristen never returned back the first night, but something else is visiting him, something he can’t resist, and keeps enjoying it. Meanwhile, Kristen informs her daughters about Leland’s approach to Lexis, and that they should keep him away from them because he is a bad man. Also, he reveals that to Monsignor who opens an investigation against Leland. The new case for David, Kristen, and Ben is about how much the soul weights, through an experiment, while Andy returns back to his family permanently, and asks Sheryl to leave his house.