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Dexter New Blood Season 1 Dvd

Dexter New Blood
Dexter New Blood

Season 1 Dvd



It’s been ten years since Dexter has left Miami, and he lives now in the small town of Iron Lake, New York. It is winter and Dexter uses a new name, Jim Lindsay, working in Fred’s hunter shop, and has an affair with the local Sheriff, Angela Bishop. He lives on a farm outside the town, a quiet life, unable to kill another animal. He has often conversations with his dead sister Debra, while everyone in town likes him. One day, the son of a rich man and benefactor of the town enters his shop to buy a gun, Matthew Caldwell, and when the next day Dexter is going to his house to deliver it, he will learn from Matthew’s friend Bill, that Bill lied for a monthly paycheck, that he was driving a boat which caused the death of five people. Mathew was the real driver. The next morning Matthew kills a deer while Dexter was standing next to it, which makes Dexter switch to his old habits after all these years. Meanwhile, a series of missing young women bothers Sheriff Bishop, while Dexter’s son Harrison, appears in front of Dexter.