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Dead To Me Season 2 Dvd

Dead To Me
Dead To Me

Season 2 Dvd



The next morning, Jen asks Judy to leave her house, keep what happened to herself, and tells her that she burnt all her things. Judy asks Teri if she can stay in Beach Heaven for a while at Abe’s old room, but she tells her a new resident is coming, so she can’t. Judy meets Michelle and her mother Flo, the new resident, and later Michelle gives her Abe’s cigar box with his car keys in it, where Judy uses to sleep in it. Meanwhile, Jen removes the cameras from her house, and learns that her neighbor Karen has also cameras that show Steve came the previous night. Judy keeps declining an unknown caller, while Jen calls her late at night and invites her back to her house. The following morning, a man who looks like Steve is at their door.