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Chicago Fire Season 10 Dvd

Chicago Fire
Chicago Fire

Season 10 Dvd



The boat is now under the water, and Kelly finds where some air still exists for everyone to breathe. While everyone else is waiting there he creates an exit with an explosion. Everyone is getting out except Joe who is unconscious. Kelly is pushing his limits but manages to bring him to the surface. There is Mat on a boat, who is giving him the first aid and brings him back to life. Two weeks later, Joe returns back to 51 and his duties, while Wallace is announcing to his firefighters that he is the new Deputy District Chief. Stella express later to him her worries if he leaves 51, while Mat and Sylvie find out that everyone knows that they are a couple. Wallace wants to stay close to 51, while Ritter, Blake and Violet are trying to build a new business as partners.