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Covers of our own design, for TV Series and Movies, in three dimensions, Dvd, Blu-ray 11mm, and Blu-ray 14mm.

Black Bird Season 1 Blu-ray (14mm)

Black Bird
Black Bird

Season 1 Blu-ray (14mm)



In 1996, James Keene is arrested for drug trafficking and weapons possession. At first, a deal was made to plead guilty for 5 years sentence, but in fact, it became ten years. Seven months later, Special Agent Lauren McCauley and Edmund Beaumont from the DA’s office offered him a chance to transfer from his minimum security prison to another prison, to befriend a serial killer, and elicit a confession of a location of a dead body. Larry Hall has supposedly killed 14 women, but the police have found only one body. Larry's prison is maximum security for the criminally insane. Lauren and Edmund offer James his freedom if he succeeds. They believe James' charming personality and his gift for making others talk to him can make Larry open up to him. At first, James refuses the deal, mostly because his father is afraid for him, but when James learns that his father is ill, and doesn’t have much time, he calls Lauren to accept it.